Pigeon Mating Dance

8 classic pigeon dance moves, illustrated by myself using ink and watercolour.

Including well-known moves such as the neck puff, as well as more advanced dances such as Le Tango.

This is a fantastic mini-book for the pigeon-lover or amazing dancer in your life! Measuring 2.5 x 3", this tiny publication can easily be put in your pocket, fit inside your bag, or be mailed around the world for far-flung friends to enjoy!

Archivally printed in full colour, this beautiful book is a perfect miniature coffee table book for the tiniest of tables!

Pigeon Mating Dance: an illustrated guide

SKU: Zine01
  • 2.5 x 3"

    Archivally pigment printed onto premium paper.

  • Undamaged zines can be returned for a full refund within two weeks of being mailed. Contact me directly to let me know to expect it in the mail.


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