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Books are universes that unfold from between simple paper covers. An addiction to books is an illuminating indication of curiosity. The artist books created by Natalie Draz are curious objects indeed, revealing entirely new perspectives of worlds through moveable, pop up, visual extravaganzas.


Her books are carried at Artist Book centres around North America and can be found in Artist Book collections and libraries, as well as private collections. Using bookworks as an open-ended sculptures, the multiplicity of books from screenprinted zines to complex multi-angled pop-up books reflects many different approaches to recording and reflecting on living and its many quirks.

'the city inside'

Glow Fold: Toronto

the city inside

'flock' & 'plumage'


'embrace' is a photo-lithography bookwork of life-sized arms. Printed on Japanese paper, they shift with any movement in the room, and can reach out to hug a viewer.

Intersections: Montreal Lachine Canal

'Intersections' is a 360 degree pop-up book that folds out to about 20", forming a complex and layered paper sculpture. It is a one of a kind double sided book printed on 100% rag paper - hand coloured and cut out engineered to pop-out and feature architectural details. 


The historical significance of Montreal being located next to a major waterway and canal system bounded by industrial areas who once used these water routes is reflected in the buildings and structures. Tracing my bicycle pathway through all the intersections I pass along Montreal’s Lachine Canal, this book is held together by my continuous visual route of interwoven buildings and industrial structures I ride by. The book forms the ribcage of a an enormous fish reflecting the canal waterway I follow. This colourful place is where I work, draw and live.





'Step' is a record of my urban experience exploring and printing my way through the large city of Toronto.  Using three pairs of shoes that had been carved on the bottoms as printing plates I printed on downtown  sidewalks, walls, basketball courts, school yards, bike paths, parks and many other places one commonly encounters when on foot in the city.  Using traditional linoblock carving techniques the rubber soles of the shoes became the print matrix printing  pieces of a poem around the Toronto neighbourhoods. 


Recorded through photographs bound into meander books, the different locations are traced through 3 books that accompany the 3 pairs of shoes, each kept in a 'showbox' covered in a map marking the poetry locations across Toronto that reveal the many steps taken around the city.




'Keys' is a screenprinted necklace of 8 different keys that each contain a miniature book within. Using coptic binding and accordion folds, the life-size keys each fold out to reveal an inner narrative.

Bookworks, Zines and Alternative Narratives

off the map

'off the map'. A screenprinted, papercut labyrinth zine, which has multiple paths for the reader to follow as they explore my many pathways through Toronto on my bike. Limited edition of 35.

'Wisdom Teeth'

'Wisdom Teeth' an accordion book detailing the wisdom your teeth have accumulated over time

The Cheese Matchbooks

The Cheese Matchbooks are a trilogy devoted to my favourite  of the finest cheeses. Each is the size of a traditional matchbook.

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